Noodle - Yellow Lab female pup

Born July 28, 2023, this yellow female puppy is starting her obedience training. Her sire is Maui’s Golden Boy Roy, a Master Hunter male with a Master National pass; her dam is Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl, a black female from our proven bloodlines. Noodle is a creamy yellow color with fawn accents on her ears and dark brown eyes. She is a keen learner, very social, and easy to train. She will likely top out at 60 pounds or so. Her conformation is excellent and she should be an athletic female. Noodle is a first-quality female, the likes of which are hard to find. Noodle has been started on obedience and swimming.

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Cola - Black Lab female pup

Cola is out of our July 28, 2023 litter from Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl, our quality black female, and Maui’s Golden Boy Roy, our Master Hunter yellow sire with a Master National pass. Cola is slightly larger than most of our female pups and will be a good-sized dog, probably about 65 pounds. She will have the size to be a good waterfowl dog for ducks and geese. She has a handsome head and good conformation. Cola is a sweet pup with a nice disposition and is beginning her obedience training. She has been started on swimming as well.

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Buster- Black Lab male pup

Buster is the biggest male from our July 28, 2023 litter. He will be bigger than his sire, Maui’s Golden Boy Roy, who is 65 pounds. His dam, Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl, is a smaller female, but we think Buster will be an 80-pound dog. Buster is amazingly sweet. He has the nicest temperament we’ve ever seen. He is super easy to be around, very mellow, and will make an outstanding family dog. He just loves people and is very easy to train. We think he’ll be a good waterfowl dog as well, particularly for geese, given his size. He has been started on swimming and obedience.

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Liza - Yellow Lab female pup

This is a gorgeous yellow female! Liza is a creamy yellow color with fawn ears and dark eyes and nose. She is one of the pups from our July 28, 2023 litter with our Master Hunter male, Maui’s Golden Boy Roy, and Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl. She’s just beautiful. Liza is the typical size of our female puppies, which are not overly large. Our guess is that she’ll be about 60 pounds when she’s fully grown. Liza has nice conformation and will be an athletic female that is capable of day-long upland hunts for pheasant and grouse as well as waterfowl. She has been started on obedience and swimming.

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Moonshine - Yellow Lab female pup

“Moonie”, as we call her, is an outstandingly beautiful yellow female Lab. She has a slightly darker coat than her two littermates, Liza and Noodle. Moonie’s sire is our Master Hunter male, Maui’s Golden Boy Roy, and her dam is Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl out of our proven bloodlines. She is a lovely light tan color with lighter markings. Moonie is just a bit smaller in size and my guess is that she’ll be about 55 pounds when fully grown. She has a charming personality and is a very affectionate dog. She will have the build and athleticism for upland hunting for pheasant and grouse, but she will also be a nice waterfowl dog as well as companion animal.

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Tiny - Black Lab female pup

Some people really look for the “runt of the litter”, and if you’re that person, Tiny is your dog. I think I will name her Derringer, because she’s such a little pistol. This pup is full of enthusiasm and is very lively. She constantly makes you laugh. Tiny is a hoot to be around and we just love her. She will be small, probably about 40-45 pounds, but her impact on your life will be huge. She is out of our July 28, 2023 litter with MH Maui’s Golden Boy Roy and Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl. She should be a dynamo in the upland field. Tiny has been started on swimming and obedience.

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Nera - Black Lab female pup

Nera is from our July 28, 2023 litter with Master Hunter Maui’s Golden Boy Roy (Master National Pass) and Clinetop’s Attagirl Pearl. Nera has a beautiful head and will be a gorgeous adult dog. She is an average size for our females, a bit on the lighter side, and I project she’ll be just about 55 pounds as an adult. Her conformation is excellent and she will be a great candidate for both upland field work on pheasants and grouse, and waterfowl as well. She is easy to train and has a sweet demeanor. Nera has been started on swimming and obedience.

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Labrador retriever puppies for sale with champion bloodlines--MH, HRCh hunt test titles

The sire of this litter has multiple hunting titles and both dogs have excellent bloodlines. The sire, Roy, is a Master Hunter and has passed the Master National hunt test. He is also a Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCh). For those who are not familiar with Hunt Test titles, both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) award titles to dogs who have demonstrated a very high level of training and hunting ability in the field. It takes a huge commitment of time and resources to earn a Hunt Test title. A Master Hunter, Senior Hunter, or Hunting Retriever Champion title means the dog has a high hunt drive, is very trainable, is intelligent, and capable of handling rigorous challenges. The Master National hunt test is a week-long series of very difficult hunting scenarios testing a dog's retrieving ability, marking ability, and overall high level of training. A dog that has passed the Master National Hunt Test, as Roy has done, is among the elite dogs in the Labrador breed.

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Athletic, trainable, excellent stamina, strong hunters, and great companions--that's our dogs!

At OutWest Kennels, we have gained a reputation for producing outstanding Labs. We strive to produce pups that demonstrate the best of the best breed of dog. We hunt our dogs in the Colorado high country, and we need dogs that can work hard in challenging terrain. We breed for intelligence, stamina, strong hunting and retrieving desire, athleticism, and above all, we want our dogs to be wonderful companion animals. WE DO NOT BREED BIG LABS. If you're one of those people looking for a 100-pound Lab, you're looking in the wrong place. The typical male pup from our bloodlines will grow up to be 60-70 pounds. A big male from our breeding might go 75 pounds. Our females range from 50-60 pounds, with some females rarely reaching 65 pounds. We find that this is the ideal size for pretty much any purpose. If you're a goose hunter, we understand that you might want a bigger male puppy, but no one really needs a 110-pound door-buster. Our dogs load easily in a car or UTV, they are easy to get in and out of a blind, they can hunt blue grouse all day at 11,000 feet, and they're great swimmers and retrievers.

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AKC yellow Labrador retriever puppies from hunting bloodlines

At OutWest Kennels in Crawford, Colorado, we’re very pleased to announce our new litter of yellow Labrador retriever puppies! The litter was born on July 28, 2023, and pups will be ready to pick up between September 15-22, 2023. It is a good-sized litter of 12 pups--7 yellows and 5 blacks, with 5 yellow females, 2 yellow males, 3 black females, and 2 black males.

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Health clearances
We test our Labs for common genetic conditions such as Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), Central Nuclear Myopathy (CNM), and OFA hips and elbows. We do not even breed to dogs who are simply carriers of those genes—we avoid them altogether.

If you’re looking for a puppy and you ask the breeder “Have your parent dogs been tested for EIC, CNM, and OFA hips and elbows?” If they say “What do you mean?” simply hang up the phone. You don’t want their junk breeding.

Reserve a pup from this outstanding litter of Labrador retriever puppies!

We have availability for several people to select a puppy from this excellent litter. Price is $2,500. To ensure your selection, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

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